Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salvage Shopping

Wow, I can't believe that I didn't get to posting on the blog yesterday. There are a ton of "freebie" deals running through my feed and I will catch up later and highlight the besties. I am sorry if you came looking for some new couponing updates and didn't get any :-( check back later :-). However, this is quite a unique post as I am going to talk to you about my trip to Amish Country to go to salvage shopping.

So anyways, let's talk...yesterday I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine who also has four young children and shares the same frugal mindset. We had a lot of fun shopping together despite Lucy screaming for an hour straight and our two older girls biting thru 5 bags of specialty candy which we in turn had to purchase (LOL!)...Ahhh! Well, shopping with a partner was great...needed may I add! Two reasons...1. not being alone (sometimes that happens way too often in the world of mommyhood)! Neither of us had gone out with a friend, shopping that is, in quite awhile...being that it is hard enough to go alone with kids it is even harder to shop with friends when you have multiple children between the two in stow and 2. we learned some new strategies bringing our different shopping styles together....awesome!

One thing I learned from her was what a salvage store is. I had never heard of a salvage store, I don't know...have you? Anyways, a salvage store contains groceries that are deeply discounted due to damaged packaging, being slightly outdated or unpopular in the retail setting. Most salvage stores purchase reclaimed groceries and other household items in boxes by the pallet and truckload. No two shipments are alike and they only get what is offered. The items are sorted and cleaned for display in their sales areas.

So my friend told me about the stores that she had been going to, with hesitation, thinking I would be "grossed out" (her words, not mine), but farther from the truth...I was intrigued, curious and by all means if I can get a deal then I am open! I suppose I have become a true bargain hunter! So yesterday we headed to a little Amish store that sat alongside an Amish country home and farm.

The store is called Kurtz's Salvage and it is located in Middlefield, Ohio about 30 minutes from my home. It resembled a normal little tackle type store with an ice machine outside and a table orderly packed with serving type items for sale. The inside had 3 aisles packed with pretty much everything and anything you'd be looking for...even Matrix hair care, Ha! I was actually quite impressed as the store was clean and contained items that appeared a little bumped and nicked up but NOT suitable for the trash, by means of being edible that is. So I scanned and moved things around the shelves until I had a cart full. Believe it or not, I walked away spending $15 on groceries...the only outdated items were 4 cans of Campbell's cream of celery soups and they are just past the biggie for me. Knowing prices fairly well, I believe I saved 50-90% off the retail prices!

SO what did I get...
4 cans of Campbell's Cream of Celery Soup
5 48oz. cans of diced tomatoes (spaghetti sauce x2 here I come!)
1 48 oz. can of black beans
4 packs of Wrigley Extra gum
5 pounds of white rice
2 large canisters of salt
2 bags of Stauffer's cookies
2 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal bars
1 canister of whole grain oats
4 boxes of Kraft Mac&Cheese
1 box of Macaroni Noodles (they had tons of noodles)
2 bags of Honey Roasted Almond Accents
AND of coarse, the bags of candy, thanks to Lily!

You can do the math but my quick estimate brings it to easily $40 retail.

Is Salvage shopping for you?

If you live in Northeast Ohio...YES! If you like bargain shopping...Yes! If you want to stockpile pantry items at a cheap price....YES! If you don't mind dinged up cans...YES! It was fun and worth the trip. I think I will be driving out bi-weekly to stock up on pantry items. Check out this link to get a list of these Amish salvage store treasures in NEO. I am sure you can google your local area to find a salvage store near you.

Kurtz Salvage
Salvage groceries and reclaimed items, also some bulk food items and locally made maple syrup, 16777 Shedd Road, Middlefield, Ohio 44062. Amish owned.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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