Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today I made some progress on the scale...FINALLY! 4 pounds to be specific. Ken and I decided about 3 weeks ago that we need to get strict again. Why or why is it so easy to slip into old habits? Damn you sugar!!!...creeps back in so slowly that you don't even realize it until your pants are tight. It has been almost 2 years that we went gluten free, dairy free...and "clean eating" the popular 'paleo' would be somewhat fitting. My first 4 months with this eating lifestyle I lost 30 pounds. So did Ken C. Soukup..although he has been a much more diligent exerciser than me. I have kept the majority of this off but right now I am thicker in the middle than is hiss :) lol. Anyways, we're back in business! Cleaning up our diet, we have been very consistent in our exercising for 3 weeks now, and we're using amazing essential oil supplements from DoTerra that has helped us so much with energy and overall mood, just to name a few. I must say that I feel amazing...we both can see some results already...and this time...I think I can...I think I can...the rest is sure to come off! ;) More to come...I have some great things to share on using essential oils!!

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