Monday, February 20, 2012

Rose Elliot: Vegetarian High Protein-Low Carb Resource

I found this author, Rose Elliot, to have, what appears to be, some great low carb diet vegetarian cookbooks and other resources that support the high protein...low carb VEGETARIAN lifestyle. We are learning...right Yoli Veggie Girl?...that you CAN be a vegetarian without a diet that is centered around carbs. Interestingly, I am not a vegetarian but I am enjoying so much researching this topic that I very much could just become one! :D I am definitely going to be buying some of these books asap!

BTW--It's been awhile since I blogged :( but I am back. I have a lot to keep track of these days as I am pursuing hard my mission to lose weight. Figured what better place to keep notes, track progress, and discuss ideas and tips but here on my blog. Beats Facebook...kinda...

So stay tuned!

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