Friday, March 12, 2010

The Mystery Of Sleepwalking and Spiderman

I know most often I am posting about saving money in some shape or form but here is an experience I had last night with my 7 (almost 8) year old son, Kameron.
He has always been prone to sleep walking. Most often he'll do things like slide down the banister (YES! that is not a typo!), randomly come and sit on the couch, go to the bathroom, nothing too obnoxious...well except the sliding down the banister which I can't seem to figure out at all.

Well, last night he had an episode...

I was sitting at the kitchen table...blogging. My husband was sitting in the family room, right next to me playing a video game. We could hear footsteps that were unusually heavy, coming down the stairs and along comes Kam, head up-looking very serious-holding his Spiderman pillow.

Wondering what is going on and not realizing yet that he is not really there, I try to engage him in conversation in which he mumbles back something that doesn't make sense. OK--sleep walking it is! Disregarding me, he walks towards the couch where my husband is sitting and aggressively throws his pillow on the couch then turns around and briskly walks himself back to his bed.

I know he is sleep walking but I do try and engage him several times. Nothing!

So we followed him upstairs, where he laid himself back down, he covered himself back up and refused to sleep on his Spiderman pillow. DH tried everything....even lifting his head and sneaking the pillow under him...with his eyes closed at this point, he only inched his head farther away until it was in the corner of the bed.

So, I grabbed another pillow--draped in plain green, picked up his head and placed it on the green pillow. He snuggled in, no prob! Ha, Ha!

What?!? Was it the pillow? Was it Spiderman? How does the unconscious mind of sleep walking make decisions like this? OR is there 'the spirit of Spiderman' that was freaking him out?? OK now that is getting creepy and superspiritual but really....!?!

I told him all about it memory of the episode...only hilarious giggles of disbelief!

If you have experience, please do comment!
Although hearing real life stories is by far the best...if you are interested in learning more on sleep walking, click here.


  1. Sleepwalking seems so scary.
    Following you back!

  2. My older son used to sleepwalk when he was younger, nothing like your son though. LOL.

    Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow. I am now your newest blog follower! :0)



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