Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perfect Home-Made Playdough

Today, I was searching for an indoor activity for the girls. Uhh...the winter indoor blues have set in and you know it is TIME for the season to shift when even the kids have had it.

Looking through the same of same old I realized that all the play-doh containers were in the play-doh container but empty. What to do...what to do? I decided to dig out the playdough recipes that I have and away we went cooking.

I don't know, maybe you are reading this and thinking, "duh, homemade play-doh that is so old" but I remember a time when I searched the web looking for one that actually worked. It always seemed that I would find one only to make it and it come out too gooey or something was just off. This recipe was given to me by a teacher and is awesome...it comes out so soft and it is not sticky!

So anyways, if you are need...here is a fabulous recipe for Homemade Playdough. It is cheap to make (got to stick with our frugal principles anyways :-), it is quick and easy (only takes about 5 minutes) and it comes out perfect!

Playdough Recipe
1 1/2 Cup Salt (in pantry~.15-.25c)
3 Cups Flour (in pantry ~.99)
3 Cups Water (I used warm water)(free)
6 Teaspoons of Cream of Tarter (in pantry ~.60)
3 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil (in pantry ~.10)
Food Coloring--about 10-15 drops/color of choice (in pantry ~.10)

Add food coloring to the cups of water. Mix all ingredients together in skillet or sauce pan. Cook over medium to low heat. Be sure to stir mixture constantly until it becomes solid. Remove from pan and let cool. Place in airtight container/baggie.

Fills ~9-10 containers of "Play Doh" cups for ~$2.00!

Also makes for a fun in the kitchen activity...Have Fun!

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