Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome Reading List for BOYS!

This weekend we'll be celebrating my little guys 9th birthday. First, I just got to say "WOW...I can't believe I have a 9 year old!"

Second, I started getting the requests of what to get him for his birthday. Quite frankly, I wanted to say NOTHING...PLEASE...he has not one need and, although he loves them, I personally can't take another Lego or Hot Wheel. However, I do recognize the importance of gifting so I had to come up with some sort of ideas for our seeking family members. So I started thinking about his "needs" and the only thing I could think of was that he "needs" to develop a love for reading and some new books would make the perfect gift. He has always been a struggling reader and I love to read so it just drives me crazy to see him avoid it like the plague! I know that it is not easy for him and that is an apparent distraction but come onthere has got to be some story line out there that should make him giggle, relate or peek his curiosity enough to get to the next page to find out what will happen next! Thinking that maybe our home library was outdated, too girly, unaccommodating I sought the help of my friends on Facebook and got an overwhelming response (thank you Facebook friends!). Now there are some books on the list that we have tried but most books on this list are either new to me or I hadn't thought of trying with him. Maybe that's because I am still thinking about The Babysitters Club when it comes to 9 year old reading selections but let me just say...I am REALLY outdated when it comes to knowing hip elementary literature (not any longer, woo hoo!!).

Who knows...I started thinking that although I have a ton of friends that are well versed there may be others that could use the list too AND maybe those well versed friends of mine may find some new ideas from this list too. So here is the wonderful list...FYI: my only stipulations were no scary, magic or dark themes.

1. Suggested to go to library and seek a book list from the children's librarian
2. Hardy Boys (x2)
3. Goosebumps
4. Gerinimo Stilton Series (x2, about a detective mouse)
5. The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle
6. Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary
7. The Stink Series (x2, third gr. level)
8. A to Z Mysteries (x2)
9. Nate the Great
10. Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little by E.B. White
11. Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo
12. Wayside School Series by Louis Sachar (is silly and fun)
13. The Ready,Freddy! Series (mid-second gr. level, funny and good for boys)
14. My Weird School Series (mid-second gr. level, funny and good for boys)
15. Magic Tree House Series (x2)
16. Cul-De-Sac kids
17. Chronicles of Narnia Series
18. The Three Investigators by Alfred Hitchcock ("They weren't scary, they were cool mystery stories like the hardy boys and Nancy drew but better. I think they were a little easier than the hardy boys too.")
19. Captain Underpants Series(x2, good for reluctant boy readers)
20. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series (x2, good for reluctant boy readers)
21. Henry and Mudge Books
22. Goonie Bird Greene
23. Any book about sports
24. Author Matt Christopher who writes books with sports themes (early 3rd gr. level)
25. Hank Zipzer Series
(the x2 means that multiple people recommended)

So there is an absolutely fantastic list of books for boys, I would say the 7-10 year old age range AND I trust it because I know the highly educated sources they came from.

If you contributed to this list...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

If you would like to add any additional books to the list or comments on the above selections, please do so in the comment box below.


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