Monday, February 15, 2010

Decoding Coupon Lingo

I think it's time to decode the coupon lingo. I do abbreviate things a lot, so it's important that you know what I am actually talking about!

Here is a good list to start with...
•SS –Smart Source insert
•RP –Red Plum insert
•P&G –Procter & Gamble saver insert
•B1G1 -Buy one, get one free
•CAT- Catalina Coupon
•EX - Expires On
•GC- Gift Card
•MFR -Manufacturer Coupon
•MIR -Mail in Rebate
•MM- Money Maker
•OOP -Out Of Pocket
•Peelie- Coupon peeled off product itself
•RR- Register Rewards (Walgreens)
•SC –Store Coupon
•SCR- Single Check Rebates (Rite-Aid)
•WYB –When You Buy
•YMMV-Your Mileage May Vary (a generic term for "It worked for me, may not work for you")

What is a Register Reward?

Register Reward programs are being implemented at stores such as Walgreen's, CVS, KMart, Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, Target.

Register Rewards are Catalina coupons, Catalina coupons are those coupons that print up separately from your register receipt after you purchase qualifying items. The Register Rewards can be used like cash on your next purchase.

Catalina machines are generally programmed to print one Register Reward coupon for one qualifying item. If you purchase more than one of the same qualifying items per transaction, you will only receive one Register Reward coupon.

In order to get more than one Register Reward coupon when purchasing more than one of the same qualifying items, request that each item be rung up on separate transactions. If you purchase different qualifying items in the same transaction you will receive one register reward for each item.

Note: In some areas the request for separate transactions may be denied. I have found most cashiers to be helpful and 'couponin'g friendly. :-)

Register Rewards, being that they are same as cash, can roll over into big savings. There is some strategy that comes into play...the best scenarios are when you can combine store rebates (found in the circular), manufacturer coupons, sales and register rewards PLUS multiple transactions.

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